Arthur Thomas Properties works with 100’s of local service providers.    Our contractor relationships are critical to our success and as such, we take pride in building strong relationships.

Are you interested in becoming a preferred vendor?

Vendor Requirements

  • Carry Liability Insurance and applicable Workmans Comp for employees…
  • Submit Form W-9 to Arthur Thomas Properties, LLC for year end 1099 Independent Contractor reporting
  • Add Arthur Thomas Properties, LLC as having “Additional Interest” with your insurance carrier.   This will not cost you any additional money on the policy- it will simply let us know if there is a chance to your policy or a laps in coverage.
  • Define your your coverage territory.   We have many relationships throughout the region and endeavor to work with contractors in their local towns…
  • Ability to receive detailed work orders via email.
  • Professional Presentation: We are a property managment company and will be sending you to homes and businesses to provide maintenance and capital improvement services.    When you are on the job, you are a representation of our image and it is expected that your conduct and appearance be professional.

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