Seacoast NH & Southern Maine Property Management Services

Our full service Property Management offices are located in Dover and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We help clients who own homes, condos, multi-family buildings, and commercial spaces throughout the Seacoast, NH area and surrounding communities.

Whether you’re looking for help with finding a qualified tenant or you need us to completely manage your investment property, we can help!

Here’s a testimonial from one of our Dover Property Management clients

Why hire Arthur Thomas to manage your rental or condo properties?


Reduce Your Hassles


Save Time And Money


Remove The Burden Of Maintenance


Make Better, More Informed Property Decisions

I started with Arthur Thomas when they purchased my property management company around 2014. It happened that they were changing their computer system at around the same time. Tom and Jessica were fantastic at providing extra service to overcome both transitions. Tom was highly responsive, honest and helpful with any bugs and how the scheduled changes would occur, and Jessica was top notch at doing things manually to fill my needs. After the transition period, the outcome was a successful partnership with me. During my time with AT, Ken in particular provided excellent tenant and property owner follow up and guidance. They were very helpful as I sold my 2018. I recommend Arthur Thomas highly.

Jen Decker

I’ve worked with AT for the past 10 years and could not be more pleased. We have a three properties and AT always finds us great tenants. Our experience with buying and selling properties with AT has been great as well. All around pros and good folks. Highly recommend if you plan on selling, buying or for property management.


I have worked with Arthur Thomas to purchase some rental units and by utilizing their property management services. I have found them to be dependable, professional, and honest. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Stephen Chunias

Is it worth it to hire Arthur Thomas (or any property management company) to manage my rental properties?

When you own multiple investment properties, keeping up with all the responsibilities involved can often be overwhelming. A property manager like Arthur Thomas Properties can take care of all those responsibilities, giving you more time to expand and look into further acquisitions or just be with your family. A property management professional can do so much more than just find tenants, sign leases and collect rent. We’re ready for late night calls from renters in emergency situations. We handle complaints from tenants and neighbors when disputes occur. We also conduct extensive tenant screening which reduces the risk of loss, and also follow all the necessary screening guidelines. We already have these skills so that you don’t have to acquire them the hard way. We take pride in running a smooth operation so you can own your properties worry-free.

What do rental property managers do?

At Arthur Thomas Properties we take the work and worry off the shoulders of property investors. Even organizing and scheduling maintenance work can certainly keep us busy! Additionally, if tenants are responsible for certain maintenance tasks, they need to be completed on time or reminders are sent. In the unfortunate situation when a tenant must be evicted, we are there to carry out procedures precisely so the eviction is legal. If a lawsuit is involved, we gather all pertinent facts and work with an attorney on the case. We’re particularly well equipped to do this because we are familiar with all local and federal tenant laws and appear in court when required.

Will Arthur Thomas help manage emergencies at my property?

In case of an emergency, the Arthur Thomas notifies tenants of emergency procedures to ensure the safety of all tenants if there is a hurricane, tornado or any other pending disaster. This could mean helping to find alternate living space and scheduling repairs for any damages. It requires having a plan in place if power is lost for any extended period of time. It also means being there for your tenants when they need you. As a landlord you understand that managing a property is a tremendous responsibility and one that can never be taken lightly. That’s why it is tremendously valuable to hire the most experienced and knowledgeable property management company available, because your investment deserves the best.

Is it possible for an owner to manage their properties without a property manager?

Yes, in an ideal world where everything goes as planned, it might be beneficial to manage and own properties at the same time. In the real world, this often doesn’t work out. Owner/managers can become overwhelmed at times and lose their patience or make rash decisions which can result in landlord/tenant disputes. There is no need to be under that kind of pressure when Arthur Thomas Properties can effectively bridge the divide between property owner and tenant. So if you own property and are considering managing it yourself, read this and you may change your mind. Hiring Arthur Thomas to manage your properties will save you time, money and stress. Not only do we believe it’s worth it… it’s a must.


Being a Landlord is hard…Hiring Arthur Thomas Properties is easy!We understand dealing with tenants, collecting rents, being on call 24/7, and overseeing repairs big and small can be daunting and unrewarding. Our staff of licensed and insured real estate agents take pride in their work and are ready to assist you. Our monthly management fee includes:

  • Electronic submission of rents and work orders by Tenants
  • Call center open 24 hours a day for immediate response to emergencies
  • Accounting staff to handle bookkeeping, record keeping, owner disbursements, security deposit collection and disbursements
  • Maintenance Staff for handyman related repairs and to oversee trade specific repairs and renovations*
  • Turnover assistance*
  • Communication to owners related to repairs, tenant issues, other issues relevant and pertinent to the property
  • Proper positioning to ensure units rent for maximum dollar
  • Oversee eviction proceedings**

*Additional fees for labor and/or independent contractors may apply.
**Additional eviction filing and/or serving fees may apply.

So you have decided to lease out your property, but are not sure where to begin. Our Leasing Cycle is a tried and true method for achieving the best results for our client. Our process has made us the industry standard in our local area. Be sure to complete our Leasing Assessment Form to start the Leasing Cycle for your property.


As Landlords ourselves, we know how important cash flow is to our owners. When you hire Arthur Thomas Properties, our fiduciary responsibility is to you – The Owner. Our process, as outlined below indicates our process for monitoring your bottom line.