Create Your Own Fabric Photo Canvas Gallery Wall


My previous post, What I’ve Learned About Printing on Fabric (March 13th) led me to create my ~ in my humble opinion ~ fabulous Gallery Wall using fabric, artist canvases, reclaimed wood, a TV mount and ~duh~ my lovely TV.
I actually have these wonderful, rustic boards in my basement. The previous owner or the previous, previous owner put these up as paneling. And since our basement is dark, dingy and creepy, the kids don’t really want to use this “finished” space to play in. Go figure. So I am systematically removing the boards to use on my latest DIY project.

First I mounted my TV (well, hubby did) using a wall mount I purchased on Look here first before you spend a fortune at Best Buy. Then I took two boards and mounted them so that the ends were hidden by the TV (it’s not actually one board as though it may seem). Next I used my handy glue gun to glue each canvas about 3″ apart from one another.

Easy. Peasy. And I love the look. The best part is I wake up every morning to see my daughter’s big brown eyes starting at me.





March 25, 2013 | Categories: Blogs.