To Spray Or Not To Spray (Paint), That Is The Question!

So, about a month ago I became hooked on Pinterest. Anyone actually taking the time to read this article is probably thinking, “Um, you’re a little late to the dance, Sweetheart.” Now that I have spent countless hours, days, nights snagging my husbands IPad I figure it was finally time to actually do something that I pinned. One of my first “follow” was that of Brooke at All Things Thrifty who had a ton of information on Spray Painting furniture. Last thing I spray painted were the knobs at my mom’s house in a poor attempt to update the worn out 1970’s brass handles. Poor little guys will never be the same…Anyway, I digress. With the new-found knowledge that Brooke’s Everything I know About Spray Paint Blog post provided me, I was ready.


I found this wonderfully ugly 5 drawer dresser in my husband’s “man cave.” Pretty sure it was a hold-over from the previous home owners. Gee, thanks for leaving it behind. But I figured I could give my skills a try and would only be out the cost of the paint.

1362020587 Now, for the paint. Brooke recommended Kilz primer and Krylon gloss paint. My local hardware store had neither so I went with Rustoleum’s Painter’s Touch for both the primer and spray. The color I used was Warm Yellow in a Gloss finish. Having said that, I have very little to no useful spray paint experience to this point. But that’s what the store had & that’s what I went with. I think the results came out great, but you can judge for yourself.


I stenciled everyone’s initials on their own drawer and added hooks to the side. I then plopped that sucker in our entryway to serve as a catch basin for everyone’s winter coats & accessories. No more searching for that particular hat or complaining that she took my — (fill in the blank). However, still searching for a matching pull for drawer “G”….

Thanks for reading! I am off to try out another Pinterest idea.

February 27, 2013 | Categories: Blogs.