Craig Hodges

Craig moved to Dover from Massachusetts in 2002, though he hopes we can keep that under wraps.

When it became clear that doing “play by play” broadcasting for the Red Sox wasn’t in the cards, he spent over 20 years in sales and marketing in the corporate world/rat race. His better-half wife Carolyn, a Seacoast real estate photographer, slid him under the door at Arthur Thomas Properties in the Fall of 2017, hoping for the best.

As a Property Manager for Arthur Thomas Properties, he derives tremendous satisfaction providing a need we all share-and doing it in a way that keeps ’em smiling (mostly).

Along with his wife, Craig’s at-home team includes his son Sam, a student at Dover High School and two team-player dogs who are currently barking at nothing in particular. Craig holds a B.A. from UMass-Amherst.